What are the different types of reports in Power BI?

We no longer live in a world where we can only grow our business using raw data. By being in the digital world and surrounded by interactive BI tools, we can quickly turn raw, intimidating data into valuable insights. Although, Power BI is one such platform that has proven to be a trusted BI tool for modern businesses.

Power BI Reporting services help technical and non-technical professionals see, analyze and use data. Because it is necessary for the tool to be able to serve multiple domains, Microsoft offers different types of Power BI reports through Power BI.

Now you can easily create a Power BI report and get a detailed view of any data stream. Additionally, the Power BI dashboard and reports help you get live reports for evidence-based decision-making. And it’s not shocking to us to see the rise in popularity of this brilliant tool.

So no matter what domain you operate in, or what size your company is, you’ll always have the type of Power BI Reports to suit your needs.

Power BI works on the following principles:

A Power BI report provides a very detailed overview of any dataset or data stream of interest in the form of different visualizations, filters, and parameters. It can vary depending upon one’s job role i.e. whether it is managing level or executive level.

It pulls data from different data sources and helps users to preprocess it efficiently. The data sources can be various databases and Microsoft Excel as well.

After preprocessing it helps in making very useful reports by providing easy-to-use visualizations and a very interactive interface.

Power BI exists in the following formats:

  • Windows Desktop Application is known as Power BI Desktop.
  • SaaS is known as Power BI Service.
  • Power BI Mobile Apps (both for iOS & Android).

The basis of Power BI lies in Microsoft Excel but is very powerful and provides hundreds of features making it a very useful tool for every level of organizations.

Types of Power BI Reports

Classified into six major categories, here types of Power BI Reports

  1. Sales and analysis reports
    • Sales reports and analytics in Power BI are the savior of the sales team. You can download basic sample reports for your reference. Moreover, the sales team already has too much on their plate. This overview will make their job easier and help you get:
      • Various business trends in different periods
      • Business Trends over several iterations
      • The ratio of the company’s sales to total industry sale
      • Competitors list
      • Track the regions of business operation
      • Total sale year-to-date variance 
  2. Financial Analysis Report
    • Firstly, the beneficiary of the financial analysis report is the organization’s, Chief Financial Officer. It shows various financial metrics that smoothen the process of financial planning.
    • It also presents further aspects like:
      • Assets
      • Gross Profit
      • Total Expenses
      • Operating Income
      • Gross Margin
      • Expenses
      • Revenue
      • Profit & Loss
      • Resources
  3. Customer Profitability Reports
    • The beneficiary of the financial analysis report is the organization’s, Chief Financial Officer. For the same reason, it shows various financial metrics that smoothen the process of financial planning.
      • Organization gross margin every month
      • Sale ratio of the top five products
      • Revenue growth of products over the years
      • List of all the existing customers
      • List of the regions with the largest revenue generation
  4. Website Analytics Reports
    • The website analytical report in Power BI takes care of everything related to the website. Right from delivering valuable insights into the website performance to helping the SEO team to calculate the website analytics, you get it all. Daily, it focuses on the following website-related information:
      • Website Conversion: Firstly, it presents visitor behavior, short-term trends, sales conversion rate, keyword ranking, etc.
      • Bounce Rate: Bounce rate is a way to measure the time a visitor spends on a page or website. Other things it shows are average page views by visitors, last page viewed, etc.
      • Website Visits: Hence, it shows how data related to site performance, traffic metrics, site metrics, total new visits by date, and total visits by country.
  5. HR Analytics Report
    • If you want Power BI developers to provide you with some useful information about the HR department, then Power BI’s HR Analytics Report is what you need.
    • It enables the HR people to make strategic decisions and make plans that surge efficiency.
    • In addition, with this report, you get the details like,
      • Track the new hires and attrition
      • Evidently, spreading the rightful candidates across various locations
      • Track the active employees and then the new hire count
      • Spotting hire and attrition trends
  6. Digital Marketing Reports
    • Digital marketing reports in Power BI offer a clear overview of key performance indicators of digital marketing campaigns. With this type of Power BI report, managers can optimize the budget while increasing the revenue potential of the organization’s advertising.
    • Power BI’s ability makes it easy to spot the issues and potential problem areas which is equally important. 
    • Any digital marketing report in Power BI will benefit you with,
      • Meanwhile, thorough analysis and comparison between Cost Per Click (CPC) and Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPTM)
      • Monetary expenditure on the advertisement at different periods
      • Average cost spent on per click
      • Simple visuals of Bounce rate and Cost Per Acquisition
      • Lastly, a comparison between Cost Per Acquisition and the total number of conversions

“No Data is clean, but most is useful!!!”

These were the powerful and different types of Power BI reports that work magic for different organizational demands.


When it comes to data consumption, Microsoft Power BI has the potential to be transformational. It provides a very wide variety of Data Visualisation and Business Intelligence tools, all of which are backed by comprehensive reporting. Data Visualisation and comprehensive insights are provided via the Power BI report, and then allowing for improved speed and security too.

Furthermore, to help with Power BI report creation, get in contact with one of our qualified professionals at BIGCSE.

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